Sunday, August 16, 2009

And the story begins...

All games begin with an idea. A seed that grows into the soul of a gigantic tree... as this soul grows you must build with the games soul...

My seed's name is The Death Bringer.

"My name... is Ethan Bridger.
I never seemed happy in life.
Never made many friends, and had a painful career as a
I had a wife... The only person who ever made me feel loved... Until I walked in on her banging whom I thought to be my best friend, hell he was my best man!
Of course... she blamed me... that I wasn't there for her. That I never cared. I dont know... maybe she was right...

I couldn't take it anymore. Life is too... painful.

It had... to end.

Little did I know then... that my life would never truly begin...

... until it came to it's end."

Ethan had cast himself off of a tall building... to his death. He was then greeted by an annoyed grim reaper, who is upset that he is never able to get a break, that he has to deal with whiny depressing souls 24/7 and that is his only purpose in existence. He then breaks his own scythe, and bursts in a puff of smoke... which then is absorbed into Ethan, as he becomes the Death Bringer.

I'm not wanting to promote suicide, the games story will have hints that he never truly gets over how his life was. That killing himself did nothing to help him. Also... it will point out that things were never as bad as he thought they were...

The purpose of this blog is not to give out the secrets of an up coming game. There will be many things left out on purpose, to keep too much from being exposed before players even get their hands on the game... if it even ever gets out. If this game does get out, it would be my first. With a VERY limited budget. At least at first it would be PC only, and by download. This blog is to tell my story of the development process, sharing secrets that I learn in the process and let people know about the game in general.

Tools and software I am using:
Blender 3d (modeling, animation, 3d painting):
OGRE (graphics & input engine):
PhysX (physics):
RenderMonkey (Shader Programming):
OpenAL (Sound):
Audacity (Sound modification):

Current Price of Software: $0.00
Being able to find the tools you need to make full quality game: Priceless

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